Do You Train Like A Pro?

19 May 2020 Uncategorised


I do get asked a lot about how I train professional or elite riders.

The answer is simple:  EXACTLY the same way as I would any other rider.

Pros may be slightly more ‘gifted’ (although in most cases, they’ve just worked very hard for a very long time) and have a lot more miles in the legs than the average bike-riding human.

…..but they are, nonetheless, HUMAN! 

They have the same niggles, same limitations and they react to the same stimuli in the same way that you or I would.  

So, why would I treat them any differently?

Take Andy Tennant for example, pro rider for Canyon dhb Sungod and multiple European & World track champion.

His current strength programme is derived from one of the ‘Build’ programmes available within The Cycling Coach.

Obviously there are a few tweaks here and there to account for his race schedule, niggles and other variables, but the ‘nuts and bolts’ are still the same.

THE RESULTS (so far)?

After just a few months of following a structured, targeted strength programme:

– 35-40% INCREASE in 1 Rep Max across all primary lifts (he can lift more now on ONE leg, than he could ever previously manage on two!)
– CONSISTENTLY PBing PEAK POWER (and we’re only in January)
– One thing that is absolutely, unequivocally, completely, utterly (+ any other hyperbole you want to throw in) UNDENIABLE……is that Andy needs to strength train if he is to compete at his best…..


If you want to realise the benefits of strength training for your cycling performance, access completely CUSTOMISED Strength Programming & Support.

Hopefully see you on the other side